“Wala nang hihigit pa sa malansang isda, kundi ang isang balahurang bakla.”

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It is only 2 days from now before Rodney goes to Dubai. He is booked on an 11:00AM flight this coming Thursday. I already filed an incentive leave for tomorrow (our 9th monthsary) and Thursday morning. Am I really prepared? Am I now ready to face each morning without him? I guess not, but I […]

Since Rodney is leaving very very soon, we had an overnight mini Pink Festival last Saturday at Robinson’s Apartelle with some friends: Arnold, Henry, Jim & Brad, and Matt. I brought in a DVD player and 4 movie titles. We watched Bathhouse, TransAmerica, Eating Out, and Doubt/Duda. It was fun watching gay oriented films with […]

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His Precious

Last January 19 was Rodney’s 27th Birthday. Birthdays for him are just ordinary days of the year, nothing special. He can actually celebrate his birthday just lying on his bed all day. But me? It should be extravagant, or at least, a small feast with family. Anyway, I let his birthday be ordinary. I went […]

Hubby vs. Opportunity

On February 2, 2005, my hubby Rodney will be trying his chances in Dubai. When he told me about his plan a few months back, I was really confused. I didn’t know what to do then. But being a hindrance to someone’s future won’t do any good. So, even it’s hard for me to accept, […]

I really love this song… nice beat, melody and lyrics. I still don’t know if this will be my song of the year. I hope you all get what I mean. Sigh. Don’t Forget About Us Mariah Carey [Intro:] (Don’t forget about us) Don’t baby, don’t baby, don’t let it go No baby, no baby, […]

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Part I – White Party (December 29, 2005) Since it’s the last GLBT event of the year, Rodney and I decided to go. We went to World Trade Center at around 1:30AM. The ticket is only P100.00, but on the contrary, their drinks are very costly. Imagine, P100 for a bottle of mineral water, P50 […]

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My Christmas 2005

Part I – Apartelle Getaway (December 17, 2005) Two of our friends Henry and Arnold organized a Christmas Party held at Robinson’s Apartelle near Boni Ave. Edsa MRT Station. The attendees were all PLU’s (People Like Us… uhm, Bisexuals or some sort) namely Henry & Louie, Arnold & Steve, Topher & Alex, Jim & Brad, […]

Yes, at last. Joel Donato Jacob, the Content Manager of Fabuloush.com, replied to my complaint against “jamirchua”. But for security purposes, he will be needing to verify my identity first before making any action. Thus, he is requesting if I can meet him in person, or have a scheduled webcam. So be it. I borrowed […]

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Fabuloush.com is the newest and Philippine based GLBT community site. I created an account last November 22, 2005. But just after 3 days, someone stole my picture and use it in his profile. The account’s name is “jamirchua”. Some people I personally know frequently see him logged in to Fab Chat. If you happen to […]

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Last Thursday was our 7th Monthsary. Rodney planned to surprise me by acting he doesn’t remember the date. But I blew that surprise away. He also disclosed that he actually had a gift for me as part of his surprise. I suspect that it’s Clinique Happy for Men, because he bluntly asked me if I […]