“Ang tumatakbo ng matulin, may gwapong hahabulin.”

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I’m single again but no formal break-up. It all started when he told me that he’ll be meeting (first meet up, a.k.a. EB) his online friend (OF) for 2 years. We were at RCBC Plaza that time because I have to do overnight OT for a very important project. I invited him over since no […]

I had a steamy casual encounter a week ago with this guy from the city of Peewee Trinidad. It was a Sunday, and my Sundays are devoted to nothing else but working out. So I went to Fitness First RSC and attended Lar’s Body Jam and Patrick’s Cosmic Cycling classes. I went to Glorietta after […]

Named as the fastest growing customized essays company since 2004, Absolutepapers.com has proven its absolute quality supported by great service and affordable prices. It supplies its customers with high-quality writing help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I made their site design and layout with the help of Joomla!CMS 1.0.11, Adobe Photoshop […]


Arnold, Henry, and I decided to have a new hairstyle… semikal (“semi-kalbo” or almost skinhead)! It’s my first time to try this kinda style, and I’m actually liking it. Its not bad at all, I think. I might keep this until after next summer. Hehe.

High School Musical

I got hooked with this musical film after watching it on DVD. It got the superb songs, actors, and plot! It will be good if one of our local theater productions would be interested to stage this… like Footloose the Musical (2005) which was staged by Jay-R and Iya Villania. I just can’t wait for High School Musical […]

A love poem written by my best friend Franciz a.k.a. Frosty.  Hindi ako si Jean Grey, Na kayang basahin lagi ang nasa utak mo. Hindi ako si Professor X, Na kasing talino mo at galing. Hindi ako si Iceman, Na kayang palamigin ang bawat sitwasyon. Hindi ako si Storm, Na kayang baguhin ang panahon kung […]

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After two weeks of being single, I jumped (too soon?) into a relationship with this new guy. Jay. So who is he? He was actually my friend’s date a few months back. It didn’t work out for them, though. He’s working as a software developer in a call center and is 3 months younger than […]

Station 168 Internet unveiled its landmark in SM Baguio last July 7, 2006. As part of its sister company Sabiclub.com Corporation, we were given different tasks for the opening day. We all went to Baguio last July 6-9, 2006. Woohoo! Vacation galore! Too bad it was raining all day so we can’t do outdoors much. But we surely did […]

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It’s time… time to end this long distance relationship with Rodney. It’s not easy, but I have to do it. Our goal isn’t getting anywhere, and I don’t wanna spend my life just waiting for him in vain. I don’t wanna compete with his dreams. I want a partner that I can touch, hug, and […]

Our sister company Station 168 Internet celebrated its 5th year last Friday in Azzurro Restaurant, 2/L Sommerset Millennium Building, 104 Aguirre St., Legaspi Vill., Makati City. It was organized by our very own Jane Chua and hosted by Ayan Deato. Cheers to our big boss Dong Hun Lee!

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