“Aanhin mo pa ang gwapo kung mas malandi pa sa iyo.”

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Red Twin Hearts

Tomorrow is the start of the Love Month. It might be just an ordinary month for others, but for some, it’s exceptional because this is the perfect time to search for the other twin of their red hearts. Restaurants or even motels will be fully booked again. Prices of roses and chocolates will go up. […]

Dropping Out

Professor X and I were dating for a month and a half. But somehow, he has personal problems for which I think he won’t be able to solve them if I’m around. I dropped the bomb yesterday. Of course, I got the expected reaction from him. I don’t want to do this but I think […]

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Last tuesday, Professor X went to my place to chill out for few hours. He is a good conversationalist, didn’t have a hard time reaching out to him. For just a short time, we were able to share some stories of our lives. Professor X is working in call center here in Makati and will […]

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The Paperweight

I had this weird dream yesterday morning… I bought this magical paperweight. When you hold it, it will show your personal details like name, strength meter, height, weight, current job, status, and many others. And surprisingly, it was telling me that I’m “TAKEN” but I’m currently single. I finally woke up. I tried to analyze […]

Last Saturday, I went to Government with my SD Family since Dada Neb will be out of the country for two weeks. We’ve witnessed the Men of Government Grand Finals. The guy who got the crown is really deserving for me, though he’s not my personal choice. I decided to hit the dancefloor. Then I […]

Out of Tune

Acoustic Guy and I went out of tune due to issues which I don’t want to expound. I sent him a text message yesterday morning asking him if we could be just friends and no more pet names. I know this is sad for the both of us, yet I don’t want to pursue a […]

Couple of months ago, Harry Potter, one of my online friends, invited me to a Yahoo Messenger Conference with Acoustic Guy and Vanity Guy. I had a hard time catching up with what they were talking about since I was at work and chatting is definitely a taboo. Anyway, Acoustic Guy added me to his […]

Circles and Chains

I met this Beachbum Guy in Puerto Galera with his friend Smart-looking Guy last April. Apparently, I became Beachbum Guy’s nurse during that night. He was so drunk and threw up many times. Hehe. Two weeks after, I met this Dog Tag Guy through my old friend Spinner Guy. And surprisingly, Beachbum Guy met Dog […]

Franciz and I went malling at Glorietta last Saturday. We were astounded with what we saw inside the Bench store. Two hunky male mannequins face to face! It seems that they’re also celebrating Gay Pride with us, but we’re not so sure though. I was staring at them for about a minute, took a picture, […]

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I am Changing

For how many years now, I was really looking for a serious relationship. Yes, I was. I actually don’t know why, but I have this feeling now that I’m happy being single. Whenever I meet guys, I’m not thinking of committing myself to anyone of them anymore. They usually end up as dates, friends with […]

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