“Walang baklang pangit sa lalaking gipit!”

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After our serious mobile phone adventure, Francis, Rodney and I wanted to chill out and have fun. We felt that we need to recharge, so we had our dinner at Dencio’s in Metrowalk. In fairness, the food was appetizing even if their serving size doesn’t justify the price. While chewing every bit of it, I […]

The Nokia 6260 is so flexible in function and design that it adapts accordingly to your every need. Not only does it help you take charge of your life, it makes it easier and more rewarding with the multi-mode display and features. Open it to make a call, check your emails and view attachments. Twist […]

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About a week ago, I was so excited regarding this extravagant evening for GLBT community. Well, watching too much of Queer as Folk episodes will definitely boost up your “queerness” within. I and my partner Rodney even planned to wear some unconventional attire for a night gimmick… of course it has to be white… like […]

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